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Check the accessibility of your website to enhance user experience.


Security Check the safety of your website to increase visitors.

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See How Our Free Technical Website Audit Can Improve Your Website

Audit the Performance of Your Website

Examine the page loading time of your website to find different strategies to enhance search performance and user experience.

Response Rate of the server

Ensure that your website servers and website hosting are optimized to load as fast as possible by checking the server response rate.

File Compression & Errors

Look for mistakes in your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, then use minification to improve them.

Page Size Overall

Check your page sizes to see if any files are slowing down your load times.

Free SEO Website Audit Online Tool
Website Audit for Performance and Speed

Audit Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization

Audit your online marketing and search engine optimization to get data and suggestions for your website design and campaigns.

Content and Header Analysis

Verify the page content and page structure guidelines on your website.

Competitor Research

To learn important information about your internet rivals’ marketing strategies, analyze them.

Audit and set KPIs

Using a thorough SEO analysis, assess your existing marketing approach.

Audit Your Website Security

By making sure that your website is secure, safe, and malware-free, you can gain the trust of both consumers and search engines.

SSL Certificate

Check to see if your website has an active SSL certificate for security and encryption.

Redirects over HTTPS

Make sure that all traffic to your website is switched from HTTP to HTTPS.

Updates to software and website backups

To guarantee your website is secure, check your software for updates. Regularly back up your data.

Security Free Website Audit Online Tool
Audit Website User Experience

Audit Website User Experience.

Enhance website usability and user experience to create a smooth consumer experience.

Mobile Responsiveness

Examine your website’s responsiveness and how it works for users on all types of devices.


Check to see that your website functions properly and is consistent across all web browsers.

Optimized for Google

Make sure Google can simply access and read the code and structure of your website.

What Can You Expect With Our Website Audit?

Our Website Audit online provides a easy-to-understand website and SEO report showing you exactly what the issues are.

This audit grades your website on security, SEO, backlinks, performance, and social media and more. Most industry-leading websites score A+ on a scale of A+ to F-.

Improving your website’s grade improves search engine visibility, user experience, and ultimately increasing business leads and revenue.

Web audit grading and results

Since not everyone is knowledgeable about website and SEO optimization, we have made the website audit report into a simplified breakdown with descriptions of the website technical aspects and SEO.

This will allow you to understand quickly what the website issues are, and how to resolve them. (we can help with that as well)

Audit of Website On-Page SEO

    On Page SEO Website Audit Report Results

    On-page SEO helps search engines understand your content and rank it for keywords. Check the HTML Tag Content and text content for accuracy and alignment with desired keywords.

    Our free SEO audit tool looks at multiple facets of On-Page SEO. The program maintains continuous keyword utilization to enhance site traffic and Google ranking. Image alt tags boost SEO. Since they were developed to facilitate blind internet browsing, picture alt tags have become more important for page rankings.

    Website performance depends on on-page SEO. Contact us for details.

    Title Tag

    The ideal number of characters for a title tag should be between 10 and 70. Any additional text will not display correctly on the search engine results page.

    H1 Tag

    It is typically advised to limit the use of H1 tags to one per page. The H1 Header Tag is a crucial tool for informing search engines about the subject matter of your content and the keywords it should rank for.


    A robots.txt file is advised because it can give a search engine crucial advice on how to crawl your website most effectively and identify portions of the site that should be disregarded.

    Tag for Meta Description

    Each page needs a distinct meta description that is the right length (between 70 and 320 characters). Short summaries of the material or subject matter offered on the page make up meta descriptions.

    Image Alt Information

    It’s possible that some of the photographs on your page lack Alt text. The often-overlooked and straightforward use of alt attributes can help a picture rank in image search results by telling search engines what it is about. It’s crucial to use your target keywords in the alt attributes!

    Keyword Density

    The primary keywords on your page might not be evenly distributed throughout the significant HTML tags. Your page’s content should be centered on the specific keywords you want to rank for. These keywords should ideally be scattered throughout elements like the title, meta, and header tags. A good amount of textual content on your page will improve its ability to rank.

    Keyword phrases SEO audit results
    Top keyword scores

    Your top 10 keyword rankings for your region will be displayed. The list is arranged according to the search terms that lead to the most visitors to your page. It can be quickly arranged using the following standards:

    • Keyword
    • Country
    • Search Volume
    • Scores
    Predicted Volume of Traffic 

    You can see how much traffic your page gets from its keyword rankings using predicted traffic volume.

    Keyword Traffic SEO Website Audit Report

    Audit of Website Links

      Web site Links Report for SEO

      Quality links are essential for SEO. Our SEO and website audit tool checks for backlinks first. Backlinks affect a page’s authority. Your website’s credibility increases if other sites link to it. Google will crawl your site and adjust your ranking. Pay attention to keyword placements to see how well your keywords rank and if they bring traffic to your site.

      If our tool shows that your keywords aren’t helping you rank, you may need to tweak them.


      Backlinks are a powerful sign of a page’s authority, relevancy, and ranking potential for search engines. To increase this factor, a page can be linked to using a variety of tactics.

      Keyword Ranking

      This displays an overview of your keyword rankings positions. Given that up to 92% of clicks occur on the first page of search results, ranking higher increases your chances of attracting visitors.

      Friendly Links     

      Your link URLs should appear to be memorable. One of two approaches can be “friendly” to links:

      • Aids users in remembering the URL
      • Helps search engines understand the page

      Audit of Website Usability

        Website Usability Audit Report

        Usability is crucial to expanding your audience and reducing user bounce rates (which can indirectly affect your search engine rankings). When using our SEO audit tool, having a mobile-friendly website is one important step you can do to receive a higher usability score.

        To elaborate, a smooth user experience needs to provide a viewport that will identify the device viewing the size of your site and adapt the required page dimensions accordingly.

        Our SEO and website audit tool looks at every part of the user experience, from iFrames to email privacy to Google score web vitals, to see if your site is performing at its peak. Use our free website audit tool right away to make changes.

        The Core Web Vitals of Google

        There is a chance that Google will say that there isn’t “enough real-world speed data for this page to generate a Core Web Vitals assessment.” Smaller websites or those that Google cannot crawl may experience this.

        Display Rendering

        This visual test shows how your page will appear on various devices. Your page has to be optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets. Today, users of mobile devices account for the majority of web traffic.

        Email Privacy

        Any email addresses in plain text should be deleted, and their place should be taken by images or contact forms. Email spammers and scrapers may be attracted to plain text email addresses.

        Appropriate Font Sizes

        Some of the writing on your page could be too small and difficult for some readers to read. We advise checking the text on your page to make sure it is the right size on various devices.

        Viewports for Mobile Devices

        To ensure that it renders correctly on all devices, your page should define a viewport that corresponds to the size of the device.


        iFrames are prohibited because they make it more difficult for users to navigate material on mobile devices and have historically proven more difficult for search engines to index. However, some coding frameworks, like Google Tag Manager, require iFrames in order to function properly.

        Target Tap Sizing

        Your page’s links and buttons are examined to determine whether they are the right size for a user to effortlessly tap on a touchscreen.

        Audit of Website Performance

          Website Performance and Speed Audit Report

          Website performance ensures a better customer experience and decreased bounce rates (which can also indirectly impact your search engine rankings). Website visitors expect instant gratification, your webpage should load quickly.

          People won’t wait if they can access the same information quickly elsewhere, so a slow-loading webpage can increase your bounce rate.

          Our free website audit tool evaluates factors that impede page loading and makes recommendations to speed up your website. Correctly prepared and compressed pictures reduce website load time. Use our free website audit tool to improve your website’s performance.

          Page Size Details

          Regardless of any optimizations, if the file size of your page is quite enormous, it may slow down loading and affect user experience. Keep your page’s entire file size under 5 MB as a general guideline.

          Page Speed

          Your page’s load time and user experience will benefit if the server response time is reasonably low. 

          Page Speed for SEO Report
          Image optimization

          The speed at which page loads can be significantly improved by properly formatting and compressing pictures. Here are some methods for improving the photos on your website:

          • Use next-generation file formats and progressive JPEGs.
          • Image resizing to a suitable size without affecting the quality
          Styles for inline

          Due to their tendency to reduce page load efficiency and unduly complicate HTML Code, inline styles are an older coding method that is discouraged in favor of using CSS style sheets.


          Using minification, you may easily decrease page size and, as a result, load time.

          Resources Available

          This check shows the total number of files your website needs to download from servers. More files mean more server queries, which slows website loading. When possible, compress or delete styles and scripts. If your page loads with JavaScript difficulties, some page features may not be working or scripts may have coding flaws.

          website audit of resources used

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